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Winter Prize Giving

Come along to the Winter Prize Giving to find out who has won the Winter Series and you could win the mystery spot prize

Winter Prize Giving

Sunday, September 30th
Bar Open at 3pm

Prize Giving

Followed by Socialising

Finger Food (lots of it!)



Youth Keelboat Programme

In a new Gulf Harbour Yacht Club initiative, GHYC  plans to launch a Youth Keelboat Programme that may see a number of new young members, both male and female using and representing the club.

GHYC has recently been granted the use of an International 25’ Farr One Design Keelboat (another may follow) and a RIB coach boat to trial a Youth Training/Racing Programme. A sub-committee has been assembled to oversee the formation of the programme, to produce the required documents, to ensure its safety, then to attract the participants.

The above portion of the preparation is almost complete and meetings with sailors and schools are arranged. Chris Biggs and John Weston will soon go “on tour” to find young sailors for the programme.

What’s the cost and what are the benefits, do I hear you asking? Well so far there’s been no cost. Costs will mainly come from advertising, boat maintenance and storage, sail replacement a coach and coach boat fuel but this will be taken care of by Yacht Racing Unlimited Ltd for the first year or until a sponsor is found. The sailors will pay a minimal annual fee for the season and it is envisaged that with proper marketing, some support from the local marine community a sponsor may be attracted.
Benefits:  After introductory sailing weekends in late November and sailing in early December this year,  the “Programme Proper” can begin in February 2013. It’ll run all season and be incorporated into the GHYC race schedule with the intent that it eventually increases the number of young people at the club, the number of yachts sailing, the number of regattas at the club and will increase general sailing activity. Cruising races will become an integral part of the Youth Keelboat Programme too.
Another very real benefit to the club is the way the members may embrace this programme and its young sailors. They may follow their progress both at the GHYC events and other Youth events in which they compete. The Youth Programme will bring a new dimension to any GHYC social events and Prize Giving and it will be something in which we can all be proud. Members please “talk up” this programme and be a part of its growth.

To become involved or sample a free trial weekend, (for sailors 14 yrs and over) please email for more details and an application form, or call the club. 

Tinny's Talk

What a fascinating presentation Mark (aka Tinny) Cannell gave  at the club last Sunday  about the AHRT rescue of the skipper of Frolic 111. Scary to imagine being caught in 9m waves, but reassuring to know such brave, professional, highly skilled  people like Tinny can be called upon to help. Tinny gave us all something to think about and  gave lots of good advice regarding keeping ourselves as safe as possible. Without doubt AHRT deserve our support. If you were not able to come to the talk, you can read about the rescue if you Google Chopper Chat April 2012. Unbelievable seas!!
Note: More interesting talks planned by the events committee later this year.

Had enough of Winter?

This photo of Mike Green aboard Bruce Cork's boat in Croatia might explain why so many of our members depart for warmer climes over the Winter months, but it also acts as a reminder of what Summer in NZ can be like. Can't wait!! Anyone know what Bruce's boat name means-  HASSASFA? Possibly the name of some island? What do you think?

Ripples Ladies Twilight Series

Who’s gonna win the Ripples Lady’s Summer Twilight Series???
Crazy Sexy Cool and her crew won’t be sailing.
 The crew has split and is sailing other yachts.
 Step up and fill the CSC spot!

There’ll be plenty of good competition on the water and fancy dress ashore
Put a crew together now and enter for a season of fun.