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Women's Sailing Squadron and more

Winter is normally a busy time for planning when you’re involved in a predominantly summer sport.
The girls of the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club Women’s Sailing Squadron never stop planning sailing related activities and Kadon is a great co-ordinator, rounding up everyone and organizing the meetings and sailing sessions.
The weekend just gone wasn’t the best for sailing, too rough and too cold so Kadon came up with a fun social and team building idea for a “squadron” meeting in the warmth of the coach’s lounge. The squadron met for mulled wine and a knot tying relay she dreamed up for which prizes were awarded. As a result everyone went home on Sunday afternoon happy and tied up in knots. With the aid of a couple of lap top computers and a smart phone everybody also learned to understand the Wind Guru a little better and to use the weather forecast in strategic race and cruising planning.
At the same time that the ladies were relaxing, laughing and playing rope games the club’s Youth Keelboat Programme was taking another step toward becoming a reality. Another junior sailor was signed up for the programme that will run in conjunction with the Women’s Sailing Squadron, sometimes sharing training days, boats and sessions.
Additional to that a Youth crew to represent GHYC at the March 2014 Flying Fifteen National Championships was being formed. GHYC will host the contest and the Will Taylor, Matthew Signal pair will train to “do the club proud”. They’ll receive coaching from me, a 3 x Flying Fifteen National Champion.
There’s plenty to get excited about at Gulf Harbour Yacht Club and still opportunities galore for women and young sailors. Please make enquiries and become involved.

John Weston


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